Augusta Men in the French and Indian War

Jos. Lyon Miller, M. D.

Beginning in 1753 war raged along the frontier of Virginia, for more than ten years. War in its most horrible form, for it was war waged with a savage people of the most cruel nature and elided by one of the most civilized nations of Europe. It was the French and Indian war; the traditions of whose ambuscades, butcheries, and scalping are yet repeated by the descendants of those Scotch-Irish pioneers of Augusta, which at that time extended from the Great Lakes on the north of Tennessee on the south and the Mississippi on the west. It is seen that the present state of West Virginia was therefore a part of that county a large part of "West Virginia was peopled by the growth westward of the Augusta settlements, and so it may be of interest to West Virginians to learn something of their warrior ancestors. The battles, if they may be called such, and the isolated murders of this war with its other horrors have been so well written up Hon. Jos. A. Waddell in his Annuals of Augusta County that I shall not attempt to touch upon that part of the war. Some on probably asks, what then is left to tell? It may be answered, the names of those who had part in the war. In this day of patriotic societies, such as Sons of Colonial Wars, sons of the "Revolution. &c, and ancestor hunting, a list of soldiers of those early days is welcomed warmly by a great many people who have not the opportunity themselves of searching original records or rare old books lithe military record of some ancestor.

In Richmond is a great mass of certificates of soldiers was proved their services in the French and Indian war, and received grant of land from Virginia in payment thereof. These certificates are being copied for the Virginia Historical Society, which no doubt will print a list or index of the same in future numbers of the Va. Historical Magazine. The following lists of more than a thousand names are taken front: Volume seven of Henning's Statutes at Large of Virginia, which has been out of print sine 1820: from the so called Preston Register, a part of the Draper historical collection belonging to the Wisconsin Historical Society. This list was printed in the Virginia Historical Magazine in 1894, and in the Annals of Augusta County in 1902. I have picked out the Augusta men from some lists published several year ago by the Virginia Historical Society. My object in reprinting these lists is to bring them to the notice of a greater number of people in this State than they would have in the first named publications.

My first list of 729 names is taken from Henning. I wish first to offer a few explanatory notes before giving the list of names. In the original there are twenty-two pages of names jumbled together with our any arrangement either alphabetically or by commands. Mixed through the list of soldiers are the names of people who furnished provisions and horses to the troops, and others who worked on the forts, &e. Many of the names appear several times, although the different items probably refer to the same man. Where there is no distinguishing mark as Sen., Jun., or rank I have designated the number of entries for that name by a number immediately preceding the name.

Several of the names show some slight changes in spelling, and these I have grouped under the commonly accepted form, as for example McClung, appears as McClong, McClunge and MeClung. I have thought best to not take up the large amount of space in the magazine that would be needed to give the amount of money each person received.

Although there are some names in the following lists of undoubted English or German origin I have thought best to include them with those of the Scotch-Irish.

In September 1758 the House of Burgesses appropriated £20,000 to settle the arrears in the pay of the militia, that had been engaged in the French and Indian war previous to that date, together with the accounts due for furnishing provisions, &c. to the troops, and for work on the forts. Of this amount the Augusta people received £3,866-3s-5d or nearly three times the sum received by any other county.

List of Militiamen

Buchanan, John Stewart, David
Smith, John
Buchanan, John
(2) Christian, William
Dickinson, John
Dunlop, James
(2) Hays, Andrew
Kirtley, Francis
Love, Ephraim
Maxwell, John
Norwood. Samuel
Preston, William
Sayers, Alexander
Smith, John
Smith, Abraham
(2) Archer, Sampson
Bingaman, Christian
(2) Buchanan, Archibald
Cunningham, William
Henderson, James
Hamilton, Alexander
Hopkins, John
Lewis, William
Maxwell, John
McDowell, James
Peterson, Edwin
Rennick, Robert
Smith, Daniel
Smith, John. Jr.
(2) Smith, Abraham
Thompson, Alexander
Wilson, Charles
Ensigns (2nd Lieutenants.)
Cunningham, _____
Henderson, John
Henderson, James
Hopkins, John
Matthews, John
Paul, Andley
Wilson, Josiah
Armstrong, Robert
Bowin, John
Buchanan, Alexander
Clark. William
Conden, James
(3) Cravens, William
Davice, John
Edmiston, William
Gamble, Mathew
Galloway, David
Hansley, Benjamin
Henderson, Michael
Howard, Edward
Hudson, Thomas
Hugart, Thomas
(2) Kinley, Benjamin
Looney, Peter
(3) McKay, John
Ozban, John
Wardlaw, John
Cadon, Thomas
Fhares, John
Friend, James
Gay, John
Jameson, James
Kinley, Benjamin
Lusk, Robert
Malcomb, Robert
McCome, Thomas
Mintor, William
Pritchard, Thomas
Stevenson, Adam
Tremble, Robert
Privates A - D
Aberman, John
Abermari, Jacob
Adkins, Gardner
Alexander, Archibald
Alexander, Francis
Alexander, James (3)
Algier, Mogis
Allen, Hugh (2)
Allen, James
Allen, James, Jr.
Allen, Robert
Allen, Robert, Jr.
Allison, Charles
Anderson, George (2)
Anderson, James (3)
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, William (2)
Anon, James
Archer, Sampson
Armontrout, Christopher
Armstrong, John (3)
Armstrong, Robert
Armstrong, William
Barkley, George
Barlane, James
Barrow, Thomas
Baskine, John
Baskine, Thomas
Belche, Robert,
Bell, David
Bell, James (2)
Bell, John
Bell, Samuel
Bell, William
Beningar, Henry (2)
Beret, Dimrick
Bingamon, John,
Bist, Abraham
Black, Anthony
Black, John (3)
Black, Matthew (3)
Black, Robert (2)
Black, William
Blackwood, William (2)
Blair, James
Blair, John
Blair, William (2)
Blor, John
Botters, Jacob
Bowers, Thomas
Bowin, Henry
Bowin, John, Jr. (2)
Bowin, Moses (2)
Bowin, Reice
Bowin, Thomas
Bowin, William
Boyd, Robert
Brackenridge, Robert
Bradshaw, James
Bratton, William
Briggs, Samuel
Brown, John
Brown, Robert
Bryans, David
Bryans, James
Buchanan, Alexander
Buchanan, Andrew (2)
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, William
Bunton, James
Burk. James
Burnsides, James
Buyers, William
Caghey, James,
Cain, John,
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, James
Campbell, John (2)
Campbell, Matthew (2)
Campbell, Robert
Cantley, John
Capliner, George
Cardovan, _____
Carlile, Robert
Carr, Henry
Carr, John
Carr, Richard
Carr, Samuel
Cartmill, James.
Cartmill, John,
Carvin, William (2)
Cashaday, Thomas
Castle, Valentine
Cenny, Edward
Christian, Gilbert
Clark, George
Clark, John
Cleeke, Matthias
Clement, Christian
Clendinin, Arsbel
Clendinin, John
Clerk, John,
Clerk, Joseph,
Cloud, Daniel
Cloyd, James
Cloyd, Michael
Cogh, Phelty
Coler, Henry
Colley, Christopher
Colley, John
Colter, James (3)
Conch, Tetrarch
Conrod, John
Conrod, Walter
Conrod, Woolrey (2)
Conway, Darby
Cooper, Jeremiah
Corgon, Patrick
Cornet, Martin
Cosby, John
Craig, Alexander (4)
Craig, Robert
Cravens, William
Crevens, John
Crockett, John
Croford, George
Crosby, John, Sr.
Crosby, John. Jr.
Crump, Edward
Crurothers, William
Cull, James
Cunningham, Andrew. Jr.
Cunningham, Jacob
Cunningham, John (3)
Cunningham, John. Jr. (2)
Cunningham, Robert (4)
Cunningham, Walter
Cunningham, William (4)
Curry, William
Daviee, Samuel
Davies, Benjamin.
Davis. John (5)
Davison, George
Davison, James
Davison, John (2)
Dew, Robert
Dice Matthias
Dieton, Joseph (3)
Diver, Hugh
Donlop, Nathaniel
Driver, Charles
Dunkle, George (2)
Dunkle, John (2)
Dunklebery, Abraham
Dunlap, Adam
Dunlap, John
Dyer, Roger
Dyer, William
Privates E - K
Early, John
Eberman, Jacob
Eberman, John
Eberman, Michael
Edemston, Samuel
Edmundsen, Moses
Edmundson, David
Eister, Frederick
Elate, William
Elliot, William (2)
Erhart, Abraham
Erhart, Michael
Erwin, Edward
Erwin, William
Evans, Daniel
Evans, Nathaniel
Farrell, John
Ferrel, John
Fie, Charles
Finley, John (2)
Finley, John, Jr. (2)
Finley, Robert
Finney, Christopher
Fitzpatrick, Andrew
Fleming, William
Folk. Londwig
Ford, Samuel
Ford, Thomas
Fowler, James
Frank, Nicholas
Frazier, John
Frees, Michael
Friend, James
Friend, Jonas
Fudge, Jacob
Full, Andrew
Fulse, John
Fults, George
Gallan, David
Gamble, James (2)
Gamble, John
Gatlive, James
Gay, James
Getty, Dennis
Getty, James
Gibson, Robert (3)
Gifins, James,
Gilespy, Hugh
Gilkison, Archibald (2)
Gillaspey, James.
Gilmore, James
Gilmore, John (2)
Gilmore, Thomas
Gipson, George
Goodman, George
Goodman, Jacob
Goodwin, Daniel
Gordon, John (2)
Gragg, Robert
Gragg, William (2)
Graham, Jacob (2)
Graham, John
Gray, David
Gray, James
Green, Jeremiah
Greer, Arthur (2)
Grimes, James
Grimes, Robert
Grub, Jacob
Guin, David
Gum, John
Gunn, George
Hagler, Benjamin
Hagler, Jacob
Hagler, John
Hagler, Postine
Hairing, Leonard
Hall, Andrew
Hall, Moses
Hamer, George
Hamilton, Audley
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, John (2)
Hamilton, Moses
Hamilton, Robert
Hamilton, Thomas
Hamilton, William (2)
Hanburgher, Stephen
Hardin, John
Harper, Jacob
Harper, Philip
Harper. Adam (2)
Harrison, Gideon
Harrison, John (2)
Harrison, Nathan
Harrison, Nathaniel (2)
Havener, Jacob
Havener, Nicholas (2)
Hawl, John
Hays, John
Hecks, Henry
Hedrick, Adam
Hedrick, George
Hemphill, Samuel
Henderson, Daniel
Henderson, Samuel
Henry, Robert
Herman, Caleb
Herron, Leonard (2)
Hog, William
Hogshead, Michael (2)
Homes, Robert
Hooks, James
Hooks, William (3)
Hopkins, Archibald
Hornbery, Jacob
Huchman, Holerick
Hudson, John
Huffman, Honicle
Huffman, Nicholas
Huffman, Philip
Hugart, James
Hugart, James, Jr.
Hughs, John
Hunter, Robert
Huston, Archibald
Huston, James
Huston, Samuel
Hutchinson, John
Hutchinson, William
Jameson, Andrew
Jameson, George
Jenkins, Jeseph (2)
Johnson, John (2)
Jones, Jonathan
Jordon, John
Keeny, Abraham
Kelly, Michael
Kenaday, James
Kenaday, William
Kerr, William
Kerre, Samuel
Kilpatrick, John
Kindler, Jacob
King, George (2)
King, John (2)
Kinley, Benjamin
Kinsel, Cunrod
Kinsey, Benjamin
Kinsey, William
Kite, Gabriel
Kite, George (2)
Kite, Jacob
Kite, Valentine
Kite, William
Privates L - R
Laferty, Ralph
Lapesty, William
Lard, David
Lawn, John
Lawrence, James
Lawrence, Thomas
Lee, James
Leeper, Gaun
Leeper, Going
Legat, Alexander
Leonard, John
Lewis, George
Lindsey, Matthew (2)
Little, Adam (2)
Little, Andrew (3)
Lockart, James (2)
Logan, James
Long, Daniel
Long, John (2)
Long, William
Long. Henry (2)
Lorimore, Thomas
Low, John
Lowry, John
Lowry, Patrick
Lusk. Robert
Lyle, Daniel
Lyle, John. Jr.
Lyle, Samuel
MacKlure, Hugh
Maelemare, Thomas
Magavock, James
Makenry, William
Malcom, John (4)
Mallow, George
Mallow, Michael
Man, Charles
Man, George
Man, Jacob
Mar, William
Marchel, George
Mase, Richard
Massey, John
Matthews Sampson
Matthews, John
Matthews, Joshua
Matthews, Richard
Matthews, William
Matthews. George
Matthis, William
Mayers, John
McAlhaney, John,
McAnally, Charles
McBridge, Daniel
McClanahan, Alexander
McCloskey, Robert
McClung, James
McClung, John
McClung, Joseph
McClung, Thomas
McClure, Arthur
McClure, James (3)
McClure, John
McClurr, Halbart
McCollom, Hendrey
McCollom, Henry (2)
McComb, Thomas
McComey, Robert
McCormick, Adam
McCormick, Joshua
McCoy, John
McCoy, Robert (2)
McCroskey, David
McCuJley, John
McCutchin, William
McDonnall, Bryan
McDowell. Samuel
McElvan, Alexander
McFarlin, William
McFerrin, James
McFerrin, John
McFerrin, Samuel
McFerrin, Thomas
McGarey, Edward (2)
McGarey, Hugh
McGarey, Robert (3)
McGill, William, Sr.
McGill, William. Jr.
McHenery, James
McKay, John
McKenney. William
McMullan. Alexander
McMullin, William
McMurray, Samuel
McNamar, Thomas (2)
McNeal, John
McNely, Dennis
McNight, Daniel
MeCarney, Robert
MeCutchinson, James
MeCutchinson, John
MeCutchinson, Samuel
Medley, John
Megary, Robert
Melcum, John
Melcum, Joseph
Meteer, James
Mildebarler, Nicholas
Miligan, James
Miller, Adam (2)
Miller, David
Miller, Jacob
Miller, John
Miller, Peter
Minnis, Robert (8)
Minter, William (3)
Miseampbell, Andrew
Mitchell, David
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, Robert
Moffett, George
Montgomery, James
Montgomery, James, Jr.
Montgomery, Joseph
Montgomery, Robert
Montgomery, Samuel
Montgomery. John (3)
Moore, David
Moore, James (3)
Moore, John
Moore, William
Moses, George
Moses, Peter
Mouse. George
Movers, Jacob
Murphy, Lawrence
Murray, Henry
Nichols, Thomas
Nosier, Poston
Null, Nicholas
Parses, Edward
Patrick, Charles
Patrick, John
Patterson, James (3)
Patterson, Robert (2)
Patterson, Samuel (5)
Patterson, Thomas (2)
Patton, Matthew (3)
Paxton, Thomas
Pearpoint, Larkin
Peary, John
Pence, Jacob
Peniger, Henry (2)
Peterfish, Gunrod,
Peterson, Jacob
Peterson, Martin
Peterson, Samuel
Peterson, Thomas (2)
Peterson. John
Philips, Martha
Pickins, Gabriel
Plunkett. John
Pointer, Thomas
Polog, William
Porter, John
Porter, Patrick
Powell, Thomas
Price, Daniel
Props, Adam
Props, Michael
Pryor, Richard
Purzins, William
Putt, John
Ralston, William
Ramsay, James
Randols, Francis
Reburn, Adam
Reburn, John (2)
Privates R - Y
Reed, Eldad
Reed, William
Reiger, John
Reity, Francis
Remi, Daniel
Rheah, Archibald
Rheah, Robert
Rheah, William
Richards, Jacob
Richards, John,
Risk, James
Roberton, James
Robertson, George
Robinson, George (3)
Robinson, John (2)
Robinson, Thomas
Rogers. George
Rolestone, Matthew
Rolestone, Samuel
Rolestone, William (3)
Rollin, Matthew
Rolman, Jacob (3)
Ross, William
Rowland, George
Royne, Thomas
Runkle, Jacob
Rush, Charles
Rush, James,
Salley, John
Sample, Closes
Savage, Patrick
Savers, David
Savers, Sampson
Scott, David
Seirl, Thomas
Seller, John
Semple, Samuel
Shaddin, Matthew (2)
Shanklin, Edward
Shanklin, John (4)
Shanklin, Richard (2)
Shannon, William (2)
Shaver, Paul
Shaw, William
Shever, Paul,
Shidmore, James (2)
Shidmore, John (2)
Shidmore, Joseph
Shields, John
Shill, John
Shillinger, George
Shipman, Isaiah
Shipman, Josiah
Simpson, James
Sitolentown, Andrew
Sivers, Nicholas (2)
Sloder, Lodovick
Smith, David (2)
Smith, Gasper (3)
Smith, Henry (2)
Smith, John
Smith. Thomas
Snodgrass. James
Snodgrass. John
South, Isaac
Spencer, Thomas (2)
Sproul. John
Sprout, John
Steel, James (4)
Steel, Robert
Steenson, James,
Stephenson, Adam (2)
Stephenson, James (2)
Stephenson, John (2)
Stephenson, Thomas
Stevenson, Adam
Stevenson, James (5)
Stevenson, John (3)
Stevenson, Robert (2)
Stewart, Alexander
Stewart, James
Still, John,
Stilt. John.
Stoder, Christopher
Stoten, Timothy
Stuart, James,
Stuart, John,
Stuart, Robert,
Sullivan, Cornelius.
Sutherland, Alexander
Taylor, William
Teucher, William
Thompson, Alexander
Thompson, Alsaham,
Thompson, James (3)
Thompson, John
Thompson, John
Thompson, Moses
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Robert (2)
Tice, Matthias
Tinley, John
Tobit, James
Todd, Samuel
Tolford, David
Tolford, Robert
Trader, Arthur (2)
Trimble, John
Trimble, Robert (5)
Trimble, Walter
Trusler, Peter
Tuley, Christian
Turk. James
Umble, Gunrod
Umble, Martin
Umble, Ury
Vance, John
Vance, Thoma
Vanhob, Joseph
Veneman, Peter
Wagoner, Lodowick
Walker, Alexander (2)
Walker, John
Walker, William
Walreaner, Jones
Ward, James, Jr.
Ward, James, Sr.
Ward, Joseph
Ward, William (2)
Wardlaw, James
Watts, Edward
Watts, George (2)
White, Cornons
Whitely, Jonathon
Whitesides, Moses
Wiece, Jacob
Wiece, Joseph
Willey, John
Willey, John, Jr.
Willey, John, Sr.
Willey, Robert
Williams, John
Wilmonth, Thomas
Wilson, George
Wilson, Hugh
Wilson, James (2)
Wilson, John
Wilson, Richard (3)
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, William (3)
Withlaw, John
Wizer, John
Woitlaw, James
Woitlaw, John
Woods, John (2)
Woods, William
Yacome, Filey
Yedley, Richard
Young, James (5)
Young, John (5)
Young, Robert

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Source: West Virginia Historical Magazine Quarterly, Charleston, West Virginia, April 1903.



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