Kanawha County West Virginia Records

We have determined to publish the names of the owners of the lands in Kanawha County in the year 1791, and we selected this year for the reason that the names were more plainly and better written. We do not give the figures which would tell of the number of acres they owned, or of the tax with which they were charged, but the names, only 74 of them and but few of them residing in the county. We then will publish the names of the residents of the county whose names are listed for taxation and called "tithables," and which also shows the number of horses and slaves owned by each. Of these there are 118 names on the book for 1792.

The taxes charged on these books are made in English money, the pound, shilling and pence. The year 1799 being the first in which the dollar and cent was used.

We would call attention to the difference of the names on these books. One would suppose that they would be very similar, but they are as different as if they were for separate counties. Of course many of the residents had not then acquired their title to these lands, which were afterwards charged to them, and the books were as not as accurate as they might have been made.

Kanawha extended from Gauley to Harrison County, from near Parkersburg to Big Sandy and up to the Cumberland Mountain and hack to Gauley.


Davis Alderson
William Allen
Chas. Alsbury
Thos. Alsbury
Wm. Arbuckle
Enos Atwater
John Bailey
Abraham Baker
Michael Baker
John Beckley
David Brown
Daniel Boone
Jesse Boone
John Campbell
Joseph Carroll
Wm. Carroll
John Carter
Jacob Casdorph
John Childress
Alex. Clendenin
Geo. Clendenin
Wm. Clendenin
Fleming Cobbs
Jacob Coonci
Leonard Cooper
James Craige
Thomas Craige
Wm. Craige
Joseph Don
Andrew Donnally
Wm. Drody
John Edwards
Joseph Edwards
David Ervin
James Ervin
James Ferguson
Geo. Fitzwater
Andrew Fleming
John Fleming
Luman Gibbs
John Hansford
Thomas Harman
Shadrack Harriman
John Hart
Joel Houston
Samuel Houston
Edward Hughes
Thomas Hughes
Daniel Huddleston
John Huddleston
Nat. Huddleston
John Jenkins
John Jones
Robt. Iron
And. Lewis
Robt. Lewis
Thos. Lewis
Joseph Lynne
And. McClung
Chas. McClung
Ed. McClung
Wm. McClung
David Milburn
Amos Morris
Henry Morris
John Morris
Levi Morris
Wm. Morris
Wm. Morris. Jr.
Benj. Morris
Leonard Morris
John Moss
Henry Newhouse
Michael Newhouse
Daniel Northup
Wm. Owen
Abner Pryor
Edward Price
Allen Pryor
Wm. Pryor
John Reynolds
Maurice Reynolds
Isaac Robinson
Allen Rue
Robt. St. Clair
Michael See
John Shepherd
James Shirkey
Reuben Slaughter
Thos. Smith
Wm. Smith
Isaac Taylor
Francis Tacket
Levi Tacket
Geo. Thornton
Benj. Uland
Thomas Upton
Isaac Van Bibber
James Van Bibber
James Van Bibber
John Van Bibber
Jesse Van Bibber
Mathias Van Bibber
Peter Van Bibber
Nemen Watkins
John Wheeler
Roland Wheeler
Roland Wheeler, Jr.
Wm. Wheeler
Joseph Wood
Samuel White
Jonathan Windsor
Ezekiel Woody
Conrad Young
John Young
Mathias Young

1791 Land Books

William Arbuckle
Henry Banks
Thos. Bulletts Harris
Jos. Mayor Carrington
Leonard Cooper
Jas. Carnahan
Thos. Chenoweth
John Chenoweth
Michael Carnes
John Callaway
James Crack
Robt. Davis
Thomas Davis
Win. Duvall
Wm. Dona van
Zechariah Dercer
Jas. Donnally
Marcus Elkin
Thomas Edar
Baird Edmondson
John Cavender
Wm. Trigg
Geo. Welch
John Finley
Michael Gratz
Chas, Willing
Josiah Willard Gibbs
Gabriel Green
David Gourd
Morris Given
Wm. Griffith
Isaiah Hews
Levi Hollingsworth
Easom Hanen
Shed rack Harriman
Mordieai Hord
Wm. Henderson & als
Hogg & Bullett
Moses Hunter
James Hines
Wm. Hepburn
John Dundass
John Jones
Benj. Lodge
Thos. Levacy
Jacob Lochard's heirs
Isaac Moses
Robt. Mercer
Jas. Mercer
Nat. McGill
Geo. Muse
Levi Osborn
J. F. Preston
Win. Pryor
Benj. Pollard
Ed. Price
Jas. Penberry
Sam'l Pleasants
Geo. Snuffer
Thos. Upton
Jas. Vaughan
Matthew Vaughan
Jas. Wilson
Benj. Wyneoop
John Wilson
John Ward
Solomon Wilson
Geo. Washington
George Washington and Andrew Lewis
Sam'l Ward
Foster Webb
Jonathan Windsor
Sinah West
John Young

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Source: The West Virginia Historical Magazine Quarterly, Charleston West Virginia, 1901.


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