Property Surveyed by George Washington

In 1748, Thomas, Lord Fairfax sent George Washington to Frederick County to survey lands for him, which surveys were made md a record kept thereof.

A most remarkable thing, for a boy only sixteen year old to be a competent surveyor, but more remarkable that he would go away out in a new country, infested with Indians, with few of the conveniences of civilization, where he was not known.

He made surveys in 1748 and 1750, and the following are those for whom he made such surveys, viz:

Jno. Anderson
Jona Arnold
Capt. Thos. Ashby
Henry Ashby
Robt. Ashby
W. M. Baker ___ Blackburn
Capt. Marques Calmes
Maj. Andrew Campbell
F. Carney
Thos. Carney
Richard Career
John Collins
Thos. Colston
Jno. Cozen
Wm. Crawford
Col. Thos. Cresop
Ralph Croft
N. Daughily
Wm. Davis
I. Foster
Robt. Fox
James Green
George Joseph
Henry Harris
Joshua Haynes
Col. Hedges
Hy Hendricks
Geo. Horner
Jo. Howt
Samuel. Isaacs
Jno. Johnson
Abraham Johnson
Capt. Geo. Johnston
Thos. Johnston
Wm. Johnston.
Thos. Jones
Isabella Jeomp
Jno. Keeth
T. Keys
Samuel Kinsman
Jas. Kinsman
John Lindsay
Thos. Lofton
Thos. Lofton Jr.
Timothy McCarty
Th. McClanahan
Dr. Jas. McCormick.
Darby McKean
Daniel McKledoff
John Maddin
P. Mathews.
Jno. Miller
Ed. Musgrove
Jno. and Ed. Musgrove
Geo. Neavil
Isaac Pennington
Andrew Pitts
Chas. Polk
Hugh Rankon
P. Rice
Thos. Rutherford
Reuben Rutherford
James Rutledge.
Stephen Sebastian.
John Sheely
Walter Sherley
Geo. Smith
Hannah Southard
Stephen Southard
Richard Stephenson
Robt. Taylor
Lewis Thomas
Nathaniel Thomas
Owen Thomas
John Orton
A. Vance
J. Vance
Hy. Van Meter
John Vestal
Wm. Vestal
Samuel Walker
Lawrence Washington
Wm. Wiggons
Jno. Woods.
Robt. Worthington
Richard and Thomas Hampton
Jacob Peter and Samuel Camperlin

From Norris History of Lower Valley, while he does not admit they are the first settlers, yet the full names he is able to give, or does give, are as follows:

Yost Hite
John Hite
Jacob Hite
Isaac Hite.
Abraham Hiteo
Joseph Hite
Geo. Bowman
Jacob Chrisman
Paul Froman
Lewis Stephens
Robt. McKay

There were others that then in 1732 that came, but their names are not known.

In 1734 there are mentioned. Robt, Harper, Thos. Shepherd. Richard Morgan, Wm. Strope, Israel Fiend, Thos. and William Forrester. Thos. and Van Swearingen, Ed Lucas. James Foreman. Robt. Stockton, Robt. Buckles, John and Samuel Taylor, Jno. Wright.

In 1738 the Varices, Glasses, Hoges. Wilsons, Frys, Aliens. Johnstons and others, came and settled about the Opequon Presbyterian church, above Winchester. There was another settlement of Quakers in another vicinity, viz: the Perkinses, Luptons. Walkers, Beesons. Barretts, Neets, Dillons, Fawcetts and others.

This, perhaps, will be sufficient to show that after 1732, this part of the country settled up very rapidly, and the above brings us down to about 1750.

In 1754, Washington was sent with Col. Fry to the west of the Alleghenies with a small army. On July 3, 1754, he encountered the French and was willing to surrender, and get away alive, and leave the French in possession of Fort Necessity, which he had constructed.

Washington made a list of the names that were entitled to pay, for services in the campaign, viz:

Col. Joseph Fry
Col. Adam Stephen
Col. Geo. Muse
Col. Geo. Mercer
Capt. Robt. Stobo.
Capt. Jacob Vantraam.
Col. Andrew Lewis.
Capt. Peter Hogg
Mr. Andrew Waggoner
Jno. West Lt.
John Savage.
William Poison.
Capt. Wm. Bronaugh
Dr. James Craik
James Towers.
William Wright.
Capt. Thomas Bullitt
Robt. Langdon
Robt. Tunstall
Richard Trotter
John David Wilpper
Wm. Johnston
Hugh McRoy
Richard Smith
Angus McDonald
Nathan Chapman
Joseph Gatewood
James Samuels
Michael Seally
Edw. Goodwin.
William Baily
Henry Daily
Wm. Copland
Math. Doran
Jno. Ramsey
Chas. James
Math. Cox
Marshall Pratt
John Wilson
Wm. Johnston
John Wilson
Nath. Barrett
David Gorman
Wm. Broughton
Wm. Carnes
Edw. Evans
Thos. Moss.
Math. E. Jones
Phil. Gatewood
Hugh Paul
Daniel Staples
Wm. Lowry
James Ludlow
James Lafort
James Gwynn
Joshua Jordan
Wm. Jenkins.
Jas. Cammack
Richard Morris
John Golson
Robert Jones
Wm. Hogan
John Franklin
John Bishop
Geo. Malcomb
Wm. Coleman
Richard Bolton
John Smith
George House
John Cincaid
And. Fowler
Thos. Napp
Arthur Watts
Jesse May
Francis Self
Robe. Stewart
Robt. Murphy
Alex. Borrey
Wm. Horne
Wm. McAulty
Timothy Conway
Chris. Bomgardner
John Maid
John Huston
James Ford.
Patrick Galoway 

It is not pretended that these are all the men that were with Washington, at Fort Necessity, in 1754 for we know of others that were there, who are not mentioned. Some that were recommended by Washington for promotion.

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Source: The West Virginia Historical Magazine, Quarterly, January 1903, Vol. 3, No. 1 [Webmasters note: The 3 articles, Early Land Grants, Frederick County Voters, Property Surveyed by George Washington were all part of the same article.  All give reference to Virginia. The opening statement on the Early Land Grant page, is from the Historical Magazine.]


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